National Epilepsy Week 2015: Paddling their own canoe!

In celebration of National Epilepsy Week this year (17-23 May 2015), a team of people who all face the intense challenge each day of living with severe epilepsy and, in some cases, associated learning and physical disabilities, are taking on the wild, white water of the wonderful Ardèche River in France to make a bold statement about what they are able to achieve, given the appropriate support.

The Meath Epilepsy Charity’s ‘Meath Extreme Sports Club’, based in Westbrook Road in Godalming, has joined forces with professionals from the Wokingham Waterside Centre to arrange this fantastic opportunity. With specialist assistance and guidance, nine people from the Meath’s Club as well as three additional guest participants from Young Epilepsy in Lingfield, Surrey, will be undertaking a week-long challenge, which includes the incredibly exciting descent down the unrivalled panoramic scenery that is the Ardèche Gorge, carved out of the limestone rock by the river many centuries ago.

The sheer exhilaration of the white-water course, together with the intensely personal challenges that will be confronted and overcome, will help each person to gain in self assurance and to develop new skills for the future. It will also assist with shaking off a little of the stigma that still unfortunately surrounds epilepsy and disabilities, even in these enlightened times.

It is a really special way to celebrate National Epilepsy week for our intrepid team, who will undoubtedly return with tales to tell, personal triumphs to share and with increased confidence in their own individual abilities, all of which will impact on other areas of their lives; a wonderful outcome! To show your support, please click donate below:

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