The Meath Epilepsy Charity has been very fortunate in being the grateful beneficiary of a Gala Screening of the ‘SPECTRE’ movie, held at the Guildford Odeon on the same night as the film’sWorld Premiere. Organised by local Cranleigh resident Tony Robin, all 325 tickets were sold in just twenty-four hours!

Wetherspoons hosted a Pre-Screen Party, which around two hundred people attended, before  everyone made their way to the Odeon to admire the display of Aston Martins that graced the forecourt. The cars ranged from two stunning classics, a 1958 DB3 and a DB4, both pre-cursors to Bond’s iconic DB5; a 1984 V8 Saloon, the highly sought after larger model that became the company’s mainstream road car for nearly twenty years; and finally two stunning examples of Aston Martin’s modern offerings, a V12 Vanquish and a V8 Vantage.

All were there to pay homage to the new DB10 that Aston Martin designed specifically for SPECTRE. With only ten produced in celebration of the Aston’s fifty year association with Bond, it was not planned for mass production, but elements within its blueprint are anticipated to lead the way for the carmaker’s next road car.

Inside the cinema, Tony greeted guests and introduced Mark Dumas, our Trustee Chairman, who gave the audience a brief introduction to the Meath, paying particular attention to the finish of the building work on our new high-needs unit ‘Bradbury House’ and the new contracts won by our social enterprise ARTHOUSE Meath, including Lush Cosmetics and Fat Face. A short film featuring the Meath, produced by up and coming film maker Gareth Pugh (, gave everyone an insight into why the Charity needs and seeks support from the community and the wonderful outcomes achieved as a result.

“It was a fabulous evening”, said Mark Dumas, our Chair of Trustees, “It has raised £7,800.00 for our services caring for very vulnerable people with epilepsy and proved a wonderful way to introduce people to the Charity. We are really grateful to Tony for doing such an excellent job of making all of the arrangements.”

Tony Robin was also delighted at the success of the event. “I would like to say  a huge ’thank you’ to both the Odeon for all of their help and expertise and Wetherspoons for organising the party for our guests. Special thanks must go to the drivers of those wonderful cars which conjured up such a real sense of 007 magic, and last but by no means least, everyone who gave so generously at the close of the evening, all helping to raise such a fantastic amount for the Meath”.