” I am running 2 half marathons in 3 weeks to raise funds for the Meath Epilepsy Charity.

I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer (www.confidentfitness.co.uk)  but I’m also a Skills and Activities Co-ordinator at the Meath Epilepsy Charity, based in Godalming, Surrey.

I work with the most amazing clients who face daily battles with epilepsy, learning difficulties, restricted mobility, and so much more! Imagine not knowing when your next seizure is going to be. Imagine having to take 40+ tablets a day. Imagine not being able to sleep at night because you are having multiple seizures. Imagine having to have multiple operations to try and manage your condition. Imagine having to deal with injuries caused by seizures on a regular basis. Well these guys know exactly what it is like!!!

Yet every day these amazing guys have a smile on their face, and participate in some great activities and challenges that even I would be unsure of. It would be incredible to raise money to support a local charity and to be able to see what a difference I can make to the lives on these inspirational people.

As a personal trainer you may think that running a half marathon would be easy for me, but as a former 19 stone ‘plus size’ lady I am still struggling to fit into the fitness world and this is an ultimate challenge for me. I can assure you it wont be easy! I ran one half marathon last year, so decided to really up the challenge this year!!

To donate to my Meath fundraising, please click here.

So please please donate to help this cause so close to my heart! ”