We are one of eight charities in Surrey competing to receive £25,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation… Please VOTE for us!

We are appealing to everyone connected to the Meath: our residents, staff, families and friends… We would like to ask if you would vote online to help us to receive a £25,000 Community Award from the Freemasons.

As part of Freemasonry’s 300th Anniversary celebrations, the Masonic Charitable Foundation is distributing £3m to 300 charities across the country. The Meath, itself celebrating a big birthday this year (125!), is one of those charities selected.

Each of the nominated charities will receive a grant, but the public vote will determine how much we all receive. This ranges from £4,000 to the top £25,000. Every vote will count and could make that vital difference in helping us achieve that wonderful £25,000 towards our services.

Visit the Masonic Charitable Foundation website


Select ‘Surrey’ and vote for the Meath

Thank you to everyone!