2017 will be a whole year in celebration of how far we have come in terms of the care and support services we are now able to offer people with complex epilepsy and associated disabilities. One of the ways we will be marking this important year is to assist some of the people we care for and support to travel to Germany to visit the Bethel Epilepsy Centre in Bielefeld for a cultural visit to accompany their new tradition of undertaking a sporting challenge during National Epilepsy Week.

As far as the Meath is concerned, Bethel is where it all began… it is where the Countess of Meath visited with her husband before opening the Meath in 1892. They were keen to learn more about the care and treatment of people affected by epilepsy, and in particular the use of meaningful occupation and enjoyable activities to help improve everyone’s health and well-being. Bielefeld is close to the Teutoburg Forest, home to lots of exciting activities, which is where our National Epilepsy Week sporting challenge will take place during our time in Germany.

In order to help pay for this dual-purpose trip, staff at the Meath are fundraising by organising an eleven-strong ‘Extremely Muddy’ team, who will be undertaking a sponsored ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge: a twelve-mile long obstacle course, devised by the Special Forces to test their overall mettle. They will be battling mud, fire, ice-water and 10,000 volts of electricity, and will be relying on their teammates as they give each other a boost and a push over 12 foot walls and through underground mud tunnels. But Tough Mudders® are ‘team players who make sure no one gets left behind’, so we expect each and every one of our team to come back a true winner! They are also very determined to help the people they support day to day to have the opportunity to visit Germany to mark this important milestone in our history.

To sponsor the Meath Team undertaking this incredibly tough challenge, please use our donate button and mention ‘Extremely Muddy’ in your Donation message. Please sponsor generously: we are aiming for 2017 to be a truly exciting and memorable time for the people we care for and support, and THANK YOU!