There are so many ways that you can help support our clients at The Meath Epilepsy Charity. As we don’t receive any statutory Government funding to provide our clients with anything but the basics, every penny raised by you will make a positive impact on the lives of the people we care for and support.

Think about what works for you and what resources you have. For some great fundraising ideas, CLICK HERE

Easy Ways To Support Us
  • Tell People About us! It’s good to talk and many people don’t know about the exciting Meath social enterprises, Changing Perceptions and ARTHOUSE MEATH on Godalming High Street. By simply choosing to have coffee with a friend at Changing Perceptions, you are helping us by introducing a new face to The Meath.
  • Think of us when you shop: Changing Perceptions sells beautifully up-cycled furniture with a quirky edge, classic vintage pieces, furniture paint and unique decorations created by Meath clients. The Changing Perceptions Café sells wonderful speciality teas, as well as Fair Trade coffee and some very tempting home-baked cakes and seasonal treats.
    ARTHOUSE MEATH sells original paintings, prints and giftware such as scented candles, stationery, mugs, tea towels and confectionery. With everything designed in the vibrant, ARTHOUSE Meath style, you can buy unique gifts that have been designed in Godalming by Meath clients.
    If you shop online you are one easy click away from donating to the Meath by using EASY FUNDRAISING ( or use our website link)
  • Come along to some of our fantastic events: During 2016, we will be running a Bridge Drive, Golf Day, Furniture Painting Workshops at Changing Perceptions, Heritage Open Day, awareness campaigns and a Christmas Carol Concert. Please visit our Events section for diary dates and further details.
  • If you are looking to hire a space in the local area please think of the Meath! We have a great function room with car parking just a stone’s throw away from the High Street and mainline Godalming Train Station.
  • Know anyone who is looking to join a gym? The Meath has a fully equipped gym suite that is open for public use once an induction has been completed. Rather than paying a monthly fee and being tied into a contract, users can pay as they go.
Tips for Promotion of your Fundraising

If you’re organising a fundraising event or completing a sponsored challenge for The Meath please tell us about it! We can make use of our social media platforms to help spread the word and get you as much support as possible. Here are some other ways to gain us much support as possible:

  • Contact us for help with Posters/Flyers. As well as distributing these around the local area you could use the electronic image to get attention on local facebook groups.
  • Get the most from Social Media, your friends are all potential supporters so just by updating your status with information about your fundraising you can give your fundraising a real boost.
  • If you’re doing a challenge link your Just Giving page to your facebook page and take time to explain what is you’re doing and why you have chosen to support The Meath Epilepsy Charity.
  • Remember that Pictures really help to grab attention and can keep people updated on your progress.
  • Please remember to thank everyone afterwards and let them know how you got on.
  • When using Twitter use relevant hashtags and remember to use /MeathTrust in order to capture people searching for things related to your fundraising.
  • Contact us for a Sponsorship Form if you require one for a challenge!
Past Community Fundraising Stories

Neil Brown lives and works in Godalming and also has Epilepsy. 5 years ago Neil broke his back during a seizure and after having gradually built up strength and finding himself seizure free for the past two years he felt inspired to train for a marathon, something he never would have imagined possible a few years ago. Neil instantly thought of The Meath as his nominated charity as we share the same ethos as him which is to focus on what a person can do rather than what they can’t do.

As Neil puts it himself “Epilepsy may be an invisible condition but it’s affects are not. Running a marathon and doing so for the Meath is about helping to show that with the right support and the right understanding anything can be possible. I’m proud to be fundraising for The Meath by stretching myself in this way and am really looking forward to the event.”

Can I really make a difference?

YES! Every penny raised by community fundraising endeavours helps us to support our clients with an individually tailored pathway of care and support. Living with epilepsy and associated physical and learning difficulties presents many social, physical and emotional barriers, however our clients are supported and encouraged to lead active, healthy, social inclusive lives and are able to engage in a wide variety of educational, creative, active, sociable and enjoyable activities. We would simply not be able to offer the high quality of individual care and support without fundraising as our core funding only covers the very basics.

Our clients are all encouraged to focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t. If you feel inspired to take fundraise for them I assure you that it will make a hugely positive difference and enable us to be the very best we can for our clients.

You can download the ‘Move it for the Meath’ fundraising pack, by clicking here.