Work has now been completed on Bradbury House, the Meath’s new specialist, high-needs facility on site at Westbrook Road. Its contemporary design fits well with our main Grade II listed accommodation and shares the front lawns, the views of which are framed beautifully from its upper floor.

What makes the new facility so special is the inclusion of a whole raft of assistive technology, much of it bespoke, aimed at empowering and enabling residents to take greater control over their day to day environment. As well as seizure monitoring throughout, the ground floor boasts eight rooms with en suite facilities plus shared spaces, such as kitchen, dining and sitting areas, which have all been planned for people with more profound needs. So all areas will accommodate wheelchairs comfortably, and the kitchen has been designed with drop-down units, enabling easy access.

Upstairs, there is a flat offering more independent living for four people. Each flatmate has their own bedroom with en suite facilities and shares a sitting room, kitchen and laundry room. Everywhere, the corridors are spacious and light, and the whole atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

Funding for this exceptional facility was achieved through the Meath’s recently completed Home from Home Appeal. The £2.3m Appeal was spearheaded by local resident and City businessman Richard Lockwood, whose generosity, hard work and dedication brought the project to a successful conclusion.

We would like to thank everyone in the community – Trusts, businesses, organisations and individuals, for helping us to establish Bradbury House. With your kindness and support, we are now able to offer people with increased needs an environment that encourages greater independence and assists with the achievement of personal goals.

Should you require further information, please contact Ann Spencer at the Meath on 01483 415273 or email