We have modern, comfortable accommodation at the Meath grouped in small units across our site at Westbrook Road. In the unit, residents each have their own rooms that they can personalise as they wish, while there is also a communal kitchen, lounge and dining room where people can come together to eat and talk or to share some quality time with friends.

People are encouraged to get involved with shopping, meal planning and preparation, but if this is not a possibility, you can rest assured your meals will be nutritious with plenty of variety and choice. Each unit has an experienced care team responsible for the welfare and happiness of its residents.

Assistive technology is now a key feature of our modern strategy and we use seizure monitoring systems throughout to ensure people feel safe without the need for unnecessary intrusion, particularly at night.

There are always plenty of things to get involved with at the Meath and you will be helped to participate in your choice of activities at whatever level suits you best. Our Skills and Enterprise Centre is a wonderful place to meet friends and to gain access to try something new, whether learning a new skill, enjoying creative arts, taking some exercise or being pampered in one of our therapy sessions. There is a lot to choose from, both on site and at the many other facilities available in the community, so if you already have something particular in mind and just need a little assistance to help you take part, then why not let our team help you reach your goal?

Whenever you feel ready for greater independence, you can progress along our care and support ‘pathway’ into supported living. And if this doesn’t suit you – and it doesn’t everybody – then there is flexibility built in to enable you to retrace your steps. Your happiness and welfare is the key to a successful lifestyle, and we will work with you to ensure we get it right.

If you are not working, then we encourage you to get involved in local community life and to access many of the facilities available to you during the day. The Meath Skills and Enterprise Centre can help you try lots of new activities. We offer lots to choose from ourselves, including a wide range of training, crafts, leisure and sports, but our team can also assist you with finding many more in the local area. There’s bound to be something to catch your interest. The Skills and Enterprise Centre and Café Meath also provides a great place to meet up with your friends – and to make some new ones!