Sourcing the right property for supported living is an expert job and we feel best left to the professionals! Westbrook Housing has been specifically formed around an experienced board of highly motivated directors, who are all unpaid but have a wealth of necessary experience in sourcing suitable properties either to rent or to purchase.

Their focus is to find suitable accommodation of all types at the heart of the local community, but which is only a short travel distance from the Meath’s main hub. You will then still feel very much part of the Meath community, too!

Westbrook Housing would act as your landlord, but not your ‘care’ provider. We fully embrace Paradigm’s REACH Standards and consider it essential that your housing is not linked with your own personal choice of support services. Westbrook Housing will, therefore, not attempt to influence your choice of provider when arranging your tenancy.

Of course, we shall aim to be your provider of choice and can assure you that we will work hard to maintain a first class relationship.