We would be extremely grateful if you could consider a legacy to the Meath Epilepsy Charity in your Will. Leaving a legacy to a charity once family and friends have been considered is an extremely generous thing to do, but it does form a long-lasting and very positive tribute to your memory. Legacies have proven to be the mainstay for many charities over the years – some would not exist now if it wasn’t for the support provided in this way from the many people keen to make a last donation to a favourite cause.

The Meath is no different . . . if you would consider leaving a legacy to our Charity when drafting your Will, your generosity will help us to continue to care for and support very many vulnerable people long in the future.

We recommend you contact a solicitor when writing your Will, but we do supply a booklet to help you think through the process. Alternatively, visit www.totallyfreewills.co.uk for an on-line solution.

You can download our Will Booklet, by clicking here.

You can download a worksheet, which will help you plan your will, here.