If you are looking for something to kick start your world, then you have come to the right place!

Our Skills and Enterprise Centre is open to everyone… it’s first and foremost for people living with epilepsy, but we very much welcome people from all walks of life and you don’t have to be a resident at the Meath to participate.

Now, as they say, for the science bit: the Centre came about as a result of the many activities developed to help people living at the Meath to gain the most from their day. It is widely known that keeping fit, active and interested in all sorts of activities, including work and hobbies, keep us all at our peak.

As our services grew, their reputation for being a) extremely interesting and b) a bit ‘different’ gradually reached a wider audience and we began to get enquiries asking whether they would be available for other people, too. “Certainly”, we said…. After all, what a wonderful way for a charity to be able to earn a little to plough back into its core services AND for lots of different people from across the local area to be able to meet together and share common interests.

Take a tour around the Skills and Enterprise Centre website, but if you would prefer to call to chat about exactly what’s on offer or how you go about learning a particular skill or accessing your favoured hobby, then telephone 01483 415095 and ask to talk to Skills and Enterprise Centre Manager Garry Hill.

Touchscreen Skills and Learning

The Meath is an ASDAN accredited Centre, which means that we offer training programmes specifically designed for people with learning disabilities that help develop key skills and life skills. These programmes work towards accepted qualifications that can help you gain self confidence and assist with work and volunteering opportunities.

  • Literacy and Numeracy in Everyday Life: an opportunity to assess, record and develop functional literacy and numeracy skills in everyday situations
  • Work Right: the development of a range of transferable employability skills
  • New Horizons: Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Careers Education curriculum programme
  • Transition Challenge: The development of independent living skills through activities within a framework of five modules –  Knowing How, Making Choices,   Feeling Good, Moving Forward and Taking the Lead
  • Towards Independence: Involving more than fifty individual modules that support the development of personal, social, independence and work-related skills

If modern communications interests you, then we may have just the thing! You may be starting to practice your computer skills, in which case we are able to offer plenty of help to get you on line, using special keyboards and other equipment should you find it easier.

On the other hand, you may be a real IT whizz kid and wanting to take things much further! In this case, we are able to offer training in website design and social media and, should your interests include photography, then our film making might appeal to you.

Touchscreen also runs the Meath’s very own radio station name??, providing an insight into programme production and broadcasting with opportunities for you to develop your own writing and presentation skills.

With such a lot going on at Touchscreen, it would be very easy to forget our own communications.  To make sure this doesn’t happen, we hold regular discussion groups on world affairs and other topics of interest where everyone can get involved, share their thoughts and learn lots into the bargain!

If you would like to learn more about Touchscreen Skills and Learning, give Organiser Petra Hammond a call on 01483 415095 or email Touchscreen@meath.org.uk.

Back Stage

If you have ever visited the Meath, one of the lasting impressions that you will have taken away with you is the colour, vibrancy and sheer joy of our creative and expressive arts company! If theatre is your thing, then you are definitely on target.

We explore all of the aspects of drama and creative arts, from planning and script writing, music and dance, role play and mask making, right the way through to the production of an event and all the front of house and behind the scenes operations that make for a success. You will enjoy the journey, make friends with lots of similarly minded people, and along the way develop lots of new skills that will help make you feel more confident in your own life.

Our photo gallery will tell you a great deal about what we do, but if you would like to know more about how you can get involved, then call 01483 415095 and talk to Backstage Organiser Chrissie Ager or email backstage@meath.org.uk.

Changing Perceptions


For the ‘hands-on’, practical people out there who would love to get more involved with making and doing, then Changing Perceptions takes all of that and adds a little bit more! We seek out furniture that currently may look a little sad but has real potential. After a little repairing, stripping and sanding, and then some paint techniques with beautiful chalky finishes applied… voila! A stunning piece to grace any home, some satisfied customers and some very happy trainees, delighted that their hard work has not only created a ‘silk purse’ from a ‘sow’s ear’, but that they have learnt and practised skills with confidence that will stand them in good stead for a lifetime, and they’ve had a jolly good time in the process!

Changing Perceptions is based at No 133 High Street, Godalming GU7 2AF, and shares the Town centre site with our wonderful new Tea Rooms, offering customers a selection of speciality loose-leaf tea and Fair Trade barista coffees. So now, buying something locally that is unique, stylish and with a philanthropic ethos, could not be simpler!

Alternatively, if you have unwanted wooden furniture to donate, give the team a call or drop it off at the back of the shop (easily accessed from the South Street car park). TO FIND OUT MORE, visit their website:  www.ChangingPerceptions.org.uk 

Health and Wellbeing


We all know that keeping fit and healthy is important, but a little encouragement to help you stay on track is always a good thing and our Health and Wellbeing promises you just that. As well as our newly refurbished Gym with its welcoming music and array of shiny machines, we can offer lots of other activities to put a spring in your step!

How about exercising to the Latin rhythms of our Zumba classes? Or chilling with Tai Chi? And if Bollywood dancing doesn’t grab you, then maybe the possibility of football training with the coach from Fulham Football Club’s Foundation will tick the box.

We can support you to access your chosen sport at whatever level suits you and we network with outside organisations and Clubs to ensure the widest variety of activities possible. But whatever you choose, you will get every encouragement to help you achieve your goals – your health and wellbeing is high on our list, too!

To get in touch or find out more, please email us here Fitness@meath.org.uk.

Meath Extreme Sports Activities

Life with no limits!

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If you fancy taking your sports activities to another level, then why not consider our Meath Extreme Sports Club? Our organisers can help you access a whole new world of experiences!

We can support you safely to take part in a wide range of ambitious sports, such as rock climbing and abseiling, canoeing and sky diving, plus some really interesting other activities like Motor Trike riding. Obviously, your health and safety remain top priority and we would always discuss your participation with all parties necessary to ensure all risk assessments and agreements are in place.

Join the Club and receive your membership pack plus a FREE Meath Extreme T-shirt to impress your friends! For more information about Meath Extreme, call Centre Manager Garry Hill on 01483 415095 or email garryh@meath.org.uk

Vive Bene

When all of the exercise is done and dusted, then relaxing is very much part of maintaining that healthy balance. Our Vive Bene healthy living initiative offers you the opportunity to access lots of helpful ways to gain inner calm and wellbeing… and for the ladies, a little ‘girly’ pampering!

As well as our very important Physiotherapy service, also based in Vive Bene, we can provide therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and chiropody as well as manicures and facials to help you feel a million dollars!

Call 01483 415095 to ask for further information on Vive Bene or to make an appointment with our Physiotherapist.  

Training and Development

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We have long been respected for the quality, competence and professionalism of our staff and are able to state that we owe this in no small way to the importance that we attach to their welfare and training. Over the years, this has greatly benefitted the Meath in the low staff turnover and in the overall relaxed and happy atmosphere that permeates throughout every one of our services.

Having won the ‘Excellence through Workforce Development’ section of the Surrey Care Awards in 2012, we are now offering our award winning training to other organisation, too. Our training, both in-house and external, is delivered by one of our six qualified trainers in our seminar and conference venue, the Richard Lockwood Suite, on site at Westbrook Road.

We offer a range of subjects, all focused on promoting best practice within the care sector and of preparing a competent, skilled workforce to meet the progressive requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). One important feature of our training is the participation of some of our clients, who are able to add a supplementary aspect, helping people to further appreciate the significance of the subject.

Courses available:



This course is aimed at staff working in residential and nursing homes and for those providing care in the community who may require training and assessment of manual handling tasks. It will equip each participant with a thorough knowledge of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, which came into force on 1 January 1993, and the prescribed method by which staff can minimise the risk of injury while undertaking manual handling operations in the course of their normal duties.



This course gives care workers a better understanding of safeguarding adults at risk, what types of abuse they may come up against and how it manifests. More importantly, it will describe the actions to take where suspicions of abuse occur. The session will include reporting and recording.



This course is aimed at staff in residential and nursing homes and for those providing care in the community and will equip them with a thorough knowledge of fire legislation, including the nature of a fire, fire hazards, fire prevention, risks assessments and fire extinguishers.



At the end of this course, participants will be able demonstrate an understanding of what the Mental Capacity Act is, how and why it has been implemented, and what it means to the users of our services and its importance in the way we deliver those services



This course aims to ensure that all members of care staff understand the needs and expectations of service users and the principles of care, including healthcare values. Participants will learn how to promote those values and to obtain the services of an advocate should the need dictate.



This course is aimed at all staff working in a care environment. Participants will learn the importance of why we need infection control measures implemented in the workplace, how to maintain a clean environment and the correct hand washing techniques to employ.


One-day course

This course is aimed at staff in residential and nursing homes and those providing care in the community. It will equip all participants with a thorough knowledge of the Health and Safety Act and the First Aid Act and the understanding and skills require to deal with bleeding; burns and scalds; shock; cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) and the recovery position.


Half-day course

This course is aimed at staff in residential and nursing homes and those providing care in the community. It will equip all participants with a thorough knowledge of medication legislation; how to store medication; the different types; adverse reactions; drug errors; and the correct disposal of medication.

For more information on our Training and Development or for further details of courses with times and availability, call Training Manager Michelle Plumb on 01483 415095 or 07867 457050..


The Richard Lockwood Suite


The Richard Lockwood Suite is available for hire as a superb conference, meeting or training venue. Formerly the Chapel of the Grade II listed manor house at the Meath, the rooms have been refurbished to provide a fully-equipped training room with space to relax and network at break times.

Designed to enhance each participant’s learning experience, it is beautifully appointed with contemporary facilities including a fully interactive whiteboard and sound system with catering available. Benefitting from its own car park set in the landscaped grounds, yet only two minutes’ walk from Godalming Railway Station with fast links to London, the Richard Lockwood Suite is available for hire all year round and would be suitable for a variety of functions.

To find out more, call 01483 415095 or email bookings@meath.org.uk and ask about price and availability.

Café Meath

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Good coffee, a slice of cake, great atmosphere and a chat with friends about what’s going on in the world! What more can a café offer?

Well, how about the fact that when customers purchase their food, every penny profit is ploughed back into charitable use? Or that some of the people serving are clients of the Meath with many challenges to overcome in their lives but who are making a real success of training and working in a real commercial environment? All good stuff!

But the best thing of all just has to be the food! Good, wholesome, healthy and… scrumptious! Manager Sue Green and her team welcome you with a smile and a chat. Come and see for yourself and have lunch some time. You can find us on site at the Meath in Westbrook Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2QH.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is the sort of place you would like to train to work?

Why not call us to chat about your goals. Telephone Garry Hill, Skills and Enterprise Centre Manager on 01483 415095.