At the Meath we offer a varied programme of activities, Please follow the links below to find out more.




As an ASDAN certified centre we are able to offer a range of ASDAN qualifications to suit each individual.
Qualifications are aimed at both primary, secondary, special need and adult education and range from short courses to more long term courses that can offer the equivalent of a GCSE qualification at the end. One of the courses we are specifically looking to deliver is the ASDAN CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness course) which is completed using 12 modules and 6 additional assessment units.



Come along to vibrant, colourful and fun Backstage and try new practical creative activities, learn new skills and become part of a team who can use their bodies, voices and imagination to express themselves & ‘tell’ stories through acting, music, singing, dance and mime.
Make and adapt costumes, props’, art displays and if you wish -you will be supported to be part of a cast who entertain others either here at The Meath or out in the community- even on a theatre stage together with professionals!!It ‘s a great ‘Feel Good’ factor to hear everyone clapping at the end of any performance! It also helps to raise awareness of our achievements.



Badminton is a sport played using rackets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. It is a physical activity which promotes agility, stamina, speed and precision. It is excellent for promoting weight loss and improving motor skills including hand/eye co-ordination skills.
Currently we play badminton at the Surrey Sports Park. Players are of mixed ability and have the opportunity of playing with several different opponents. 1:1 tuition is given to those who have limited hand/eye coordination skills to help them improve their game. The main aim of this activity is to encourage social interaction and increase fitness levels whilst having fun. Physical activity is proven to reduce stress and anxiety as exercise increases endorphins (the feel-good neurotransmitters) in the brain. It has also been found to improve sense of well-being and quality of sleep.



Our cooking sessions work on promoting independent living skills by developing food prep and cooking skills with staff support. Our groups get to choose either a main meal and dessert to cook and eat in session or baking / snack foods to make and take back home to share with their friends. We encourage clients to try different foods, tastes and textures and look at foods from around the world. Whilst we cater to individual tastes and intolerances we always try to give our recipes an individual twist. Clients are supported with all aspects of food prep with our on site kitchen and we talk about healthy food choices and encourage clients to eat well and think about nutrition.


English Literature 

The love of books is promoted in this new session. From encouraging reading to recommending different books and genres and then talking about the narrative, characters and themes of the book, this session will promote more confident reading and help clients to develop a love of literature and the written word.



From environmental issues to worldwide wildlife, lifestyle and culture of different countries, the Geography group focuses on all things worldwide, both terrestrial and in the oceans. We often watch geographical documentaries / programmes on our wall sized screen and then use our touchscreen suite to research further our subject of focus for the week, (as chosen by the clients). This can be done on a group or individual basis and helps to reinforce the visual learning.



We are lucky enough to have a brilliant Gym facility on site with various instructors to help run and provide support on the Gym floor.
Our Gym reaches out not only to the clients on and off site, but is also open to members of public too.
Attending the Gym is really important and has many physical benefits including, improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle flexibility, balance, co ordination, reducing risk of diseases, controlling your weight and plenty more.
Not only the physical benefits but the mental benefits have an impact too including, boosting self confidence, reducing stress, reducing depression and has also been scientifically proven to reduce the rate of seizures.
We work hard on adapting work out programmes to meet the individuals needs and give them the fullest support possible.



The history group focuses on a range of historical events, eras, people and places to bring history alive. From Prehistoric to current Royal Family, UK and Worldwide history and everything in between. We use a range of mediums to make history interesting and enjoyable, from watching recent historical documentaries from popular historians such as Dan Jones, using our wall sized screen, to group and individual research on historical topics. We use written worksheets to re-affirm and check knowledge and understanding and to improve clients reading and writing skills and challenge their thinking about historical events with debate.



Our horticulture group focusses on working with the garden and nature throughout the year, from planning a gardening year in the winter, to potting and harvesting fruit and vegetables, growing and cultivating a range of plants and flowers within the Meath grounds. On cold and rainy days we can be found indoors improving our gardening knowledge by looking at programmes and documentaries, undertaking garden themed quizzes, group activities and craft based garden activities such as building bug homes or making bird feeders. In better weather we are usually in the grounds watering, repotting, deadheading and tidying up plants and borders, depending on what is needed in the garden, based on the time of the year. Our horticulture sessions are run by an experienced horticulturist and gardener who trained at Merrist Wood College.


I.T. Free Time

Giving clients who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so on unit, access to our computer suite and the internet, so that they may learn to use the internet independently to pursue their own hobbies and interest, but are able to do so in a safe and secure environment with staff support. We encourage creative writing, with Microsoft Office, use of Google for research, problem solving with online jigsaws, listening to music or watching programmes of interest on YouTube as well as using our touchscreen technology to develop mouse skills and hand / eye co-ordination. The focus of the session is client centred choice.


Interaction Group

Promoting self confidence and encouraging social skills, the interaction group aims to reduce isolation, improve bonding and build friendships amongst its members. By encouraging people to talk more in social situations this will reduce loneliness and improve quality of life. We will cover a range of topics for discussion to make the group inclusive for everyone.


News and Debate

News and debate is a relaxed Friday morning group to promote sociability and news awareness. We have the opportunity to discuss the news of the week, read about news and current affairs, and become more aware of the world around us. In addition often the group relax and listen to music or watch a film of their choosing.



Nutrition on a Thursday afternoon. In Nutrition we try our best to educate the attendees about nutrition, food science and how important living a healthy lifestyle is.
We often watch documentaries, read books and have a group discussion about the subjects afterwards. The subjects we cover include
a balanced diet, food pyramid table, super foods, caffeine and energy drinks, vitamins, supplements, body metabolism etc.



Orienteering is a fun outdoor activity which involves walking or running whilst navigating a course. This activity is carried out in various locations and in many different forms. Sometimes we do a ‘treasure hunt’ where participants are required to find objects using a check list whilst walking, other times walkers are given written or pictorial instructions on how to navigate the course. All of the routes we plan are circular, starting and ending at the same point, and each course is planned according to the individual’s abilities taking into account weather, distance and terrain. This is an all-day activity, stopping for regular ‘water breaks’ and lunch in areas of outstanding beauty. As we walk, we also stop to discuss the nature and wildlife around us. This is a fun and calming activity where we can be ‘at one’ with nature and fully appreciate the beautiful British countryside.
Orienteering has many other benefits apart from being fun. It teaches self-reliance, sharpens decision making skills, increases fitness levels, promotes a sense of well-being and enables our residents to socialise with others in the community.



The photography group are always on the look out for interesting subjects to cover, whether that is the majesty of the changing seasons reflected in our own grounds, or some of the amazing places within our local area such as Waverley Abbey or Philipps Memorial. A trained photographer runs this session with staff support, encouraging clients to think about framing, focus and subject for each picture and to use their personal photography equipment to its full potential.



In pottery clients use clay to create a variety of items, from mugs and plates for their own personal use, or as gifts for friends and family, to ceramic poppies that are showcased and sold in Arthouse or Changing Perceptions. Pottery allows clients to express their creativity, incorporate new ideas and improve their motor skills through the rolling and handling of the clay and painting the fired pieces. The pottery group benefits from an experienced ceramicist and we have our own on site kiln.



Using a variety of mediums such as music, pictures and the internet, the reminiscence sessions encourage clients to identify, talk about and share their life experiences. This has proven extremely beneficial for mental health and for helping clients feel more peaceful, and valued. Shared experiences also encourage bonding between participants – who knows what they may discover they have in common?!



As an ASDAN certified course with an end course recognisable qualification, this new session will be looking at bringing science to life and using both practical work, interactive resources and written work, all tailor-made to each individual. We will cover a range of science based topics including the Human Body and Biomechanics, Physics and Space, Forces and Motion,  Biology, (including Plant / Animal Biology), Chemistry and Chemical Changes and Performance In Sport. We want to make this session interactive and interesting with a focus on practical learning.



Yoga is on a Wednesday afternoon, where a qualified Yoga instructor helps guide the clients to focus on breathing control, relaxation, simple meditation and specific bodily postures, mainly mat work if not chairs. We also have Jo Jo our Physio help support the clients making sure the physiotherapy side is benefiting as well.



Zumba/Dance is on a Thursday morning. Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. The clients follow the DVD steps on the projector screen in the Oglethorpe room to improve co-ordination, stamina and balance.