125 Mile Run with Care for Health raises over £500

125 RUN SEPT 2017
27 October 2017

The Meath is 125 years old this year, and everyone was  asked to consider coming up with a challenge that had some relevance to celebrating the Meath’s 125 years.  As a Trustee Tim Bloomfield immediately thought of the excellent idea of a 125 mile run, but wanted a little help to organise matters. Luckily for us Tim is a “season ticket” holder for many years at ‘Care for Health’ at Godalming Station forecourt, and Michelle at Care for Health, together with help from her colleagues  kindly supported us with everything from scheduling runners to setting out the route and getting balloons blown up and cheering us on during the challenge. We are extremely grateful for the terrific support that Care for Health have so kindly given the Meath.

We are thrilled that Tim’s great idea came to fruition on Saturday on a gloriously sunny autumnal day that saw 116 Runners run 146 Miles (we met the 125 target by about 2pm!) in doing so we also raised in excess of £500 in generous donations and cake sales. Thank you once again to each and everyone one of you who ran, walked, donated or simply came to cheer and eat cake!

All at the Meath are extremely proud of our wonderful and caring home which provides outstanding care and support for people who live with complex epilepsy and associated disabilities. We are delighted that many Meath residents and their friends and family joined in with 125 Mile run.

We very much hope to see you at our Social Enterprises on Godalming High St, Arthouse Meath and Changing Perceptions or at future fundraising events. If you are not already on our contact list, please do contact us  if you would like to receive information about forthcoming Meath events and initiatives. We don’t like to bombard people but we do value our friends and supporters from the local community greatly.