The Romantics Opening

7 February 2018

The Meath Epilepsy Charity have brought a vibrant and thought provoking exhibition of creative work entitled ‘The Romantics’ to Cranleigh Arts Centre. Supported by Cranleigh & District Lions we have made the most of this opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent that exists among the people we support. Pictured above at the Private Viewing evening Simon Inchbald Mayor of Waverley, joins Lindsay Hill, CEO of The Meath Epilepsy Charity, members of the Cranleigh Lions and Peter Hunt, Programme Co-ordinator at Cranleigh Arts Centre. Lindsay Hill commented that “As a Godalming based Charity it is wonderful for the Meath to reach out to surrounding areas such as Cranleigh. Visitors to the exhibition can find out a little about the charity while taking in this interesting collection of work which has all been created by the people we support at the Meath.”

Many aspects of Romanticism are explored here on the run up to Valentine’s Day, with work from Backstage, the Meath’s Creative & Expressive Arts Group, The Meath Photography and Ceramics groups. The use of literary, historic and artistic references, together with the interesting and unique take on the movement, shows that the artists have clearly been enabled to research and discuss the many aspects of Romanticism explored in this collection which includes romantic, platonic, tragic and unrequired love.

The exhibition itself is of course a work of love and has only been made possible by the specialist care team at the Meath, from the resourceful and creative staff and tenacious volunteers, the families of those of at the Meath and kind supporters from the community. Do visit this free exhibition which runs until Wednesday 14th February at Cranleigh Arts Centre Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Photogrpahy by Lee Irving, Pelican Images.


Photos from the private view and opening of The Romantics exhibition at Cranleigh Art Centre, February 6th 2018 © Lee Irvine, PelicanImages 2018