Sean: What I.T. Means to Me

29 September 2021

Sean lives at The Meath and attends a broad range of daily activity sessions both at the Skills Centre and off site in the local area. While Sean enjoys a variety of activities and an active social life, his two I.T sessions each week are among his favourite activities. Sean often uses his I.T sessions to support the work that he and his peers do in other sessions, such as the Meath choir and social events.

Sean has been working with I.T session leader Rachel who has specialist knowledge in the music and live events industry. As Sean has a passion for music and events, recently his I.T sessions have focused on this area. Currently Sean is preparing a set list for his live DJ session at a forthcoming Meath wide event and with Rachel’s support, he will set up mixing tables, P.A and microphone.

Having also practiced sound equipment set up for the Meath Choir rehearsals every week, Sean is now very proud that he can support the Choir by setting up the equipment independently. From speaking to Sean and seeing him in action, it’s clear to see that he gains a great deal of personal achievement from being able to assist with the needs of the choir.

Sean is nonverbal but is outgoing and has a vested interest in and determination to make himself understood. By fulfilling the role of technical support with the choir and DJ at Meath parties and events Sean is empowered to provide his peers and staff team with support. He explained “it makes me proud to be able to be helpful and know how the equipment works.”

Rachel added that his role as DJ at events also develops Sean’s social and communication skills. “He often reworks his set list and downloads new favourites because someone has requested a new song, he’s great at including a variety of music that will keep his peers happy. We’ve been practicing using the mixing deck and Sean’s confidence in the I.T suite as really grown since we’ve focused on an area that is of particular interest to him.”

Sean uses the I.T suite as a hub for all preparation for live events, this includes producing posters which advertise events and his DJ appearance, downloading playlists and typing up the playlists for him to follow and others to see. Sean commented that “Being able to help the choir and DJ at parties makes me feel proud. I like seeing my friends happy.”

The I.T Suite is a wonderful resource which enables the people we support to pursue their own areas of interest which spill over into other sessions. Just as Sean uses the I.T Suite to support his work on live events, other members of the group plan on some Vlogging sessions. Rachel is keen to nurture the I.T group’s filming and video editing skills and to work with The Meath Marketing Manager to then share Vlog content which captures the various everyday achievements that take place at The Meath.