Thank you for your Donation

Thank you so much for your kind donation!


Your donation makes a genuinely positive difference to the people we support.

It costs £6. 4m per annum to keep The Meath operational which equates to over £17k per day. We receive funding from care packages which covers the cost of the most basic of human needs such as housing, water, food and heating only. Your donation will directly enrich the lives of the 130 adults we support who have live with complex epilepsy and associated disabilities. More specifically, your donation will help us to continue providing a wide range of skills based activities. From Art to Zumba, we offer a great programme of daily on-site activities, while off-site the people we support enjoy swimming, orienteering and horse-riding to name but a few.
Here at The Meath we recognise ability not disability and the people in our care are enabled to acquire new skills, fulfil their potential and maximise their independence each and every day. Thank you once again.
We would very much like to keep in contact with you so we can let you know the impact of your kind donation and would be grateful if you could provide your permission to do so.


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