signage.If you or someone you care for is living with complex epilepsy, then we are here to help. We offer a range of accommodation and support services to enable you to live safely and to work towards gaining more independence in your day to day life.

You will find the Meath really welcoming – everybody does! There is always lots going on, yet you can always find a quiet place to sit and gather your thoughts. The gardens are beautiful and one big advantage is that we’re not far from anywhere. The town of Godalming is only five minutes’ walking distance away and we are situated right next to the railway station, although you’d never know it.

Many of our clients have learning or physical disabilities in addition to their epilepsy. Whatever challenges you face, our friendly and highly professional staff teams are here to provide assistance completely designed around you and your personal needs and health requirements.

The lifestyle you wish for yourself is the one we will help you to achieve, and the flexibility built into each and every one of our services means that we can respond quickly and easily to your changing circumstances.

What we do promise you is an environment that aims to inspire and empower you. We will help you gain as much control over your life as possible and this includes having input into decisions affecting the overall running of the organisation, both through the Resident Forums, regular house meetings and representation at Trustee Board meetings.

Take a look around our website and see if we fit the bill…
• Our accommodation offers round the clock specialist residential care as well as the opportunity for supported living.
• If you are living in a tenancy of your own, our Meath Home Support can provide you as much assistance as you want in order for you to live successfully, either on your own or with friends.
• We can even help you find a place of your own through our partnership working with Westbrook Housing and other housing agencies.
• Our support services are the same high quality and offer the same flexibility whether you live in a specialist residential setting or in supported living and they are centred completely around you.
• If you would like to continue learning or train to get a job, then our Skills and Enterprise Centre offers you a great range of opportunities with a friendly staff team who will encourage you at every step. And if it’s sports, leisure or hobby activities you’re after, then the Skills and Enterprise Centre team can definitely help. If you have always wanted to try something a little different…. and we have recently supported people to canoe and to climb and even to sky dive… then by joining our Meath Extreme Sports Club, we can help you to achieve your ultimate goals!

If you would rather pay a visit to see for yourself, then call our number 01483 415095 and talk to one of the team. We are here for YOU.