residential house at the Meath

Residential living at The Meath

We have nine welcoming and very special houses on site that allow for residential living, each of which have a dedicated manager and staff team. This ensures both continuity of care and the opportunity for each resident to build a great relationship with their support team and visa versa!

Residents have their own bedrooms, which they are encouraged to personalise, and social spaces, such as a kitchen, dining room and lounge, where everyone gathers to prepare meals, eat, chat and enjoy each other’s company.
Every resident is supported with household responsibilities such as meal planning, shopping and food preparation. During week-days residents are typically busy enjoying their choice of sessions at the Skills Centre or at external settings. During down time they often enjoy a movie or pamper evening together, heading out to local attractions. Weekends usually have a more relaxed pace and often include a trip to local garden centres, restaurants and getting out in the great outdoors.
Our dedicated team of residential staff, seamless around the clock care, robust systems and assistive technology allow each resident to make the most of each day. Seizure monitoring systems are used throughout our buildings to ensure that everyone feels safe while maintaining privacy. On-site residential living is situated in spacious landscaped grounds is located a short walk away from local amenities and Godalming train station. Our Registered Manager has direct responsibility for the successful management of all registered accommodation.
In addition to our on-site accommodation we have two Supported Living houses in Godalming for residents who can live more independently.
For further information:
T: 01483 415095
Residential living at The Meath