Meath Supported Living

Living more independently on your own or sharing with two or three housemates may be your goal. There are several apartments on site at the Meath and more locally, in Godalming that can offer supported living. We offer a wide range of accommodation from which to choose or if necessary we can source a property suitable for you and your fellow housemates.

Our modern accommodation is beautifully decorated with contemporary furniture and has everything you could wish for including kitchen, dining area, lounge and bathroom, plus your own bedroom. Our friendly team will encourage everyone in the house to get involved in planning and shopping for food and household goods, to participate in cooking, keep your own room and the communal rooms clean and tidy, and to do your own washing and ironing.
For further information:
T: 01483 415095
Tracy-Toth Tracy T.
Juliette-Purr Juliette P.