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Get Involved

Please consider helping us by getting involved, in whatever way suits you best.

Your time, effort and enthusiasm are perhaps the most welcome gifts of all! It’s not always about money and, these days, when that commodity is hard fought and getting very stretched, giving your time to be a volunteer and fundraise for The Meath is a wonderful way of expressing your support.
The Meath’s volunteers are a wonderful bunch! We value each volunteer enormously because they enable us to do so much more than we could otherwise achieve . . .  extra drivers who take people to additional activities, people helping in our shop at busy times, an extra pair of hands to get a project off the ground. There is a never ending list of different ways to help!
When we say we value our volunteers, we don’t say that lightly. You will be given the same respect and courtesy as a member of staff . . . you will be offered training to help you to do your particular volunteering role as well as other training that may help you in a future career. All we ask is for your enthusiasm and commitment – much the same as in any team!

If you are interested in being a volunteer and fundraise for us, why not discuss the possibilities with Helen Jackson, Head of Marketing on 01483 415095.

For volunteering in the Fundraising department please contact Helen or Sarah on 01483 411071

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