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Welcome to ‘Recognising Ability’, The Meath blog which aims to celebrate and highlight some of the extraordinary achievements and stories from The Meath community.

It’s always my pleasure to discover the many inspiring stories that we have at The Meath. Often, just a brief conversation with one of the people we support, a staff member, volunteer or relative provides thought provoking new insight into living with, or supporting a person who lives with complex epilepsy and disabilities. We’re proud to recognise the considerable ability that exists within The Meath and it is with equal pride that we share these stories with you on our blog. Whether you enjoy the insight into the lives of some of the amazing people within The Meath community or feel inspired to share your own story, we hope that this blog enables you to join us in recognising ability.Helen Jackson, Marketing Manager.

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If you are one of the people we support, a relative, volunteer or staff member and would like to share your story on our ‘Recognising Ability’ blog, please contact Helen at

Recognising Ability

Lisa: Born to Care

2 March 2021

Lisa has worked at The Meath as a Support Worker for 6 years, firstly at Little Meath and now at Cedar View. Seeing Lisa with the people she supports around The Meath, or even receiving her emails about some of the things that residents achieved with her that day, never fails to put a smile on my face. It is always clear to see that she has...

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Elanor Sinden: At the Highest Pinnacle

29 January 2021

Supported Living resident Elanor lives in Godalming. Helen Jackson, Marketing Manager caught up with Elanor over zoom, during the 3rd National Covid-19 lockdown after hearing word of Elanor’s latest achievement in alpine skiing. At The Meath, Elanor is supported to take part in a broad range of activities in addition to living as independently as possible in her supported living home. However, as anyone who has chatted...

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