Volunteers helping The Meath


Volunteering is fun! We rely on our fantastic volunteers to help us with all aspects of fundraising. However, as the fundraising office gets bigger and busier rising to the increasingly demanding new challenges we find that we need more help.

Could this be you or someone you know?

Could you help us together with a friend or member of your family? You will be valued and part of the team.
Whether you can afford to give an hour, a day, or a day per month, your support will make a HUGE difference to us. If you can spare some time, however little or however much we would love to hear from you! We know that it is not always possible to commit to volunteering on a regular basis and we will respect that.
Volunteers are a vital part of any growing charitable organisation, and we are no exception! There are so many ways to get involved. You could help with admin in the fundraising office, make cakes and sandwiches, help us out at events, to name but a few things;
BUT the important thing is we will only ever ask you to do what you are comfortable doing and will be grateful for as much or as little time as you can give.
If you can spare some time or would just like to know more without committing yourself, please contact The Meath and we can arrange to meet you, have a coffee and a chat and find out how we can help each other to help the Meath.
Volunteering is a very special way to help support the Meath. We appreciate that there are innumerable reasons for wanting to volunteer, all of them very specific to you. We also appreciate that the amount of time that anyone is able to give is also uniquely individual.
So whether you have a few days each month to give, or perhaps a few hours each year, we are very grateful that you have chosen the Meath to benefit in this way. You will be valued very much as a member of our Meath team, and you will be actively involved, many in the core delivery of services. As such, you will be directly helping maintain and develop the diversity and quality of our organisation, enabling increased opportunities for clients and providing different skills and perspectives.

If you are interested in volunteering at ad-hoc community fundraising events, you can make a big difference to our charity with just a little of your time.