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“Care packages for our clients only cover the most basic living cost, such as housing, water, heating and food. As we are committed to enabling the people we support to fulfil their potential we must fundraise so that we can continue to offer an outstanding level of care and range of activities. We are a proactive and innovative charity but we simply could not sustain our services without the generous donations we receive from supporters. Whether you take part in sponsored challenge, nominate us as your work place charity of the year or hold a fundraising event in the support of The Meath, every pound you raise will make a positive impact on the lives of the people we support. Thank you”

Lucy Miguda, Head of Fundraising
01483 411071


We aim to help you put the fun into fundraising by supporting you as best we can! Whatever your fundraising goal, we are here to help with promotion, materials and fundraising tips. After your fundraising activity we will get in touch to let you know how your hard work has made a difference to the people we support, and you’re most welcome to arrange a visit to come and see for yourself! Please find more information below about the key ways in which you can support us… but if you have a new idea for a way to support The Meath let us know!