It costs £7.2 m per annum to keep The Meath operational which equates to over £19k per day. We receive funding of £6.3 m from care packages which covers the cost of housing, food and heating only. While the cost of living rises and care packages remain at the same level, it is a harsh reality that we need to fundraise to bridge the increasing gap if we are to maintain the level of service on offer for the people we support.
We believe that everyone deserves to fulfil their potential, to stay as physically mobile and mentally agile as possible, to minimise pain and maximise independence. We are therefore committed to providing the very best possible care and quality of life for the people we support. Please help us to achieve this as we fundraise to Bridge the Gap between what is provided and what is required.
Thank you.

Donate via BACS transfer

Please note that CAF Bank are not part of the national interbank fraud trial. If you receive a message saying this bank is not recognised please just click past it.  The trial currently is only for the main high street banks. Thank you!
Should you wish to pay for an event or make a donation by BACS transfer, please use the following:
Account name: The Meath Epilepsy Charity Appeal Fund
Sort code: 40-52-40
Account No: 00013651

Donate by cheque – post to:

The Meath Epilepsy Charity
Westbrook Road
Surrey GU7 2QH

Donate via Just Giving

Please note that payments made via Just Giving incur a transaction cost for The Meath. If you would prefer for 100% of your payment to go directly to The Meath please see the details above in order to make your payment via BACS or Cheque. Thank you.
To donate via Just Giving, please click here.
Thank you for your donation, we are extremely grateful.
Every penny you donate helps us to sustain and maintain our vital, life enhancing services for the people we support. If you are eligible to do so, please help us to maximise your gift by allowing us to claim Gift Aid. Please click here to download our Gift Aid declaration form.

On behalf of the people we support, thank you so much.