The Meath compliance team is totally committed to ensuring that the people we care for and support have a voice that resonates throughout the whole organisation.

To this end, we have established our Quality Audit Team, ‘experts through experience’, currently comprising six residents from across the Meath, who meet formally every two weeks to discuss the services they use and to suggest ways to fine-tune or develop them further.
Alongside this role, the compliance team talks to and advises other residents to ensure their views are promoted within their own house, and also provide a welcoming party to assist new residents as they arrive, helping them integrate more easily into their new surroundings.
Through the use of a comprehensive annual survey across all stakeholders, together with ongoing evaluation, the Meath remains focused on upholding the high quality standards for which it is renowned. Results are fed back immediately into the Charity’s strategic five-year planning process to ensure that the organisation maintains the best possible services to meet ever changing needs.
For further information, please contact:
Michelle Plumb
Head of Risk Assurance
T: 01483 411070