Skills Centre Awards Ceremony 2023

Ben-Kennedy-TheMeath-Skills Centre Awards
12 April 2023

The Skills Centre Annual Awards Ceremony on 30th March enabled each of the people we support to enjoy a red carpet moment of recognition for their own individual achievements over the past year.

The day was well supported with residents from each on-site house, supported living tenants, day clients and their family members keen to celebrate their success together.

Hosting the Skills Centre Awards was Lee Bennett, CEO who commented:

“It’s really important that we celebrate achievement together, we recognise ability all year round but by having the Awards Day, the people we support are able to celebrate their own individual achievements with their peers and family members. It’s a moment for them to take stock and see how much they have achieved. I really look forward to seeing what they set their sights on next as we have some wonderful opportunities here at The Meath.”

Each person who is supported by The Meath received a personalised certificate of achievement for an area in which they have shown particular interest, commitment, or perseverance over the past year. The day revealed the broad range of achievements made by the people we support. Achievements included successful completion of the Gym Champion Challenge, a stretching 8week fitness programme, progress in choir, art sessions, photography, cooking and showing kindness to others.

The recognition of ability may have been led by the Skills Centre team on this occasion, but it was striking to see the immense sense of peer to peer support as each award winner return to their seat with an enthusiastic applause, a high five or cries of ‘well done!’.

Special mention must go to John and Mel winners of the Special Achievement Awards for Art and Rock Climbing respectively. Between beaming smiles and showing friends her awards, Mel explained that her achievement with Rock Climbing, a new endeavor for her, had made her feel ‘invigorated’ and pleased to have achieved something she had never previously done before. In contrast John’s award was for progress with Art, a subject close to his heart, the award meant a lot to him as he felt he had completed some works to be very proud of. He commented that he is “looking forward to showing my dad my awards!”

A huge well done and congratulations to all for making such fantastic progress over the past year. While special thanks must go to the Skills Centre Team for delivering a glitzy, smooth and above all else genuine and personalised Awards Event, it does take the wider Meath team to recognise ability. From the teams of support workers who work 24/7 to ensure that the people we support sleep well, eat well and have a happy home life to the Health and Wellbeing team who ensure that complex medical needs are tended to, pain is managed and mobility maximised. As always, each member of the large support entourage played their part in enabling the people we support to achieve their goals, celebrate success and enjoy their moment to shine.

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Louise Award
Ailsa's Award
Bryony's Award
Claire's award
Ella's Award
Emma's Award
friends at the SC awards
Isoble's Award
Laura's Awards
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katie's award
Louise's award
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Andrew's award
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Chris-P award
Molly's award
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